Christmas Party, Schedule & Meet

Join us on Monday, Dec 19 for our annual Christmas Family Skate
5:15 – Ossekeag room for hot chocolate & cookies.
5:30 – Pin Presentations for those skaters who may have completed a pin level (There is a display of the pin level in our bulletin Board case)
6:00 – 7:15 – Family Skate Please wear a helmet
This will be the last night of skating for Learn to Skate and Learn to Speed Skate.
Skating will resume on January 9 for all groups.
Group 1 & 2, we have ice on our regular days (Mon & Thurs) from 5:15-6:15 during the Christmas break to prepare you for the St Croix meet.  Registrations for this meet are now open and online.
We will be hosting our annual speed skate meet on Saturday, January 21.  We will need help from ALL our club members
How can you help?
  • Have you eligible skater participate in the meet (Ask your coach if you can skate competitive or exhibition)
  • Donate food items to help feed our volunteer officials  (They officiate all day and this is your way of saying thank you)
  • Donate money to help pay for the food
  • Volunteer on the day of the meet.  It takes about 60 volunteers to make our meet happen.  Ask Charles MacNeil, Richard Malone or Nicky Scott how you can help or email the club.
Please let Lynne MacNeil know if you can provide one of the items below or would like to donate some money.  Lynne can be reach at 639-3782 or
Food Items needed:
  • Sliced Meat
    • 4 packages of 1 lb. ham
    • 4 packages of 1 lb. Chicken
    • 4 packages of 1 lb. salami
  • Cheese
    • 2 packages of sliced cheese
    • 1 plate of cheese cubed
  • Bottles of water
    • 4 cases of 24 bottles
  • Sweet trays
    • 2 large trays or 4 small trays
  • Condiments
    • 1 bottle of mustard
    • 2 bottles of mayo in squeeze bottle
  • Vegetable trays
    • 2 large trays
  • Fruit Trays
    • 2 large trays
See you at the rink!

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