A blast from the past

A gentleman from the Hampton was kind enough to share this newspaper article from The Evening Times Globe dated January 26, 1970.

IMG_1151.JPGThe article reads…

Local Skaters Dominate Meet

Saint John skaters dominated the 1970 New Brunswick Outdoor Speed Skating Championships at Lily Lake Saturday capturing victories in all but two of the 10 classifications.

Thirteen-year-old Gail Smith of Saint John was touted by course clerk, Leo Pye, Jr., as the best female competitor, while he rated Saint John’s Gary Harvey, 14, as the best male.

Miss Smith, who has no competitors in her age classing, skating against the clock came just three seconds short of the Canadian record for her age classing – coming across the finish line in 25 seconds for 220 yards.

Harvey, who had two skaters competing against him, clocked the same distance in 25.5.  Both skaters are sure bets to represent this province at the Canada Winter Games next year.

New Saint John winner were Margot Joyce from Fredericton, who copped both events in the girls age 10-11 classing and Russel Lutz of Albert, Albert Co. who took both events in age 10-11 competition for boys’ over seven events.

Following is a complete list of the winners for event sponsored by New Brunswick Speed Skating Association.